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If you're an Oyster Bay homeowner in need of a quality remodeling contractor for your home, make sure you reach out to Creatively Done Homes today.

For more than 30 years, we've been providing unparalleled remodeling services for our clientele, handling things like handyman services, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and much more. Read on to get a good idea of the various services we provide.

Make sure you call us at 516-470-1961 to learn more about our remodeling contractor business in Oyster Bay.

Room Additions

If you're expanding your family and you're in need of room additions, we can help out. We can make sure your living space is made much larger so that you can accommodate more people in your home.

Whole House Remodeling

A whole house remodel can be an ambitious project, but the value is worth it. Ask about our whole house remodeling service, and we'll explain how we work with HFS Financial to get you excellent finance rates to fit your budget.

Fireplace Mantel

If you have a fireplace in your home, you'll want to enhance it to make your interior really shine. With our fireplace mantel service, we can help brighten up your home.



A portico can help increase your curb appeal. If you have one already, we can remodel it, but if you don't have one at your home's entrance, we can install one. Ask us to learn more about our porticos service.

Garage Conversions

Is your garage no longer in use? Maybe you would benefit from turning it into another part of your living space? With our garage conversion package, we can help you maximize the potential of your home's interior.

Custom Built-Ins

Custom built-ins such as shelving or cabinets can be a wonderful addition to your home, but you want to make sure you have them installed by qualified, experienced carpenters. Luckily, you get just that when you hire Creatively Done Homes.

Check Out Oyster Bay's Finest Bathroom Remodeling Service

Are you looking to update your bathroom? If so, then you'll want to hire the top bathroom remodeling company in Oyster Bay to get the job done. Ask about our bathroom remodeling package.

We Offer Kitchen Remodeling In Oyster Bay, NY

If you think it's time to update your kitchen with new flooring, appliances, and other features, then a kitchen remodel may be for you. Speak with our specialists to learn more about our kitchen remodeling services.

If you have any further questions about any of our remodeling services, we highly encourage you to reach out sooner rather than later. We're excited to help you transform the look and feel of your Oyster Bay home.

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Our Latest Projects

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Articles & Tips

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100% Financing Of Home Improvement Projects

We Offer Financing To Our Clients Through HFS Financial

We understand that remodeling jobs can be difficult for people on a budget. Fortunately, we offer outstanding financing options for our clientele to help you pay off the job.

In conjunction with HFS Financial, we’ll work with you to come up with a 100% financing plan that best suits your wants and needs. Below are just some of the features of our financing plans.

  • Every $10k as low as $89/month
  • Fixed rates as low as 5.49%
  • Terms up to 20 years
  • Fund ANY project within 48 hours
  • Loans up to $300,000
  • Bethpage
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